[eDebate] West Point Results thru semis

kathryn rubino kathrynrubino
Sun Oct 29 17:20:52 CST 2006

Open Quarters
Binghamton GM defeats Richmond LS 2-1
Cornell PT defeats Rochester MW 2-1
Vandy RS defeats Navy JS 2-1

Open Semis
Binghamton GM defeats NYU AM 3-0
Cornell PT defeats Vanderbilt RS 3-0

Open Finals
Binghamton GM v. Cornell PT
with the expert panel of the Honorable Judge Loretta Preska, Colonel Mark
Toole, Colonel David Wallace

JV Semis
George Mason HJ defeats BC MM 2-1
Liberty OW defeats Bard HR 3-0

JV Finals
Liberty OW defeats George Mason HJ 2-1

Novice Quarters
Binghamton TW defeats Pittsburgh AB 3-0
BC CO defeats Navy GM 3-0
Liberty FN defeats Cornell PS 2-1
Navy CS defeats Liberty DT 3-0

Novice Semis
Navy CS defeats BC CO 2-1
Liberty FN defeats Binghamton TW 2-1

Novice Finals
Navy CS v. Liberty FN (Christy Webster, Sarah Kemp, Judy Lai)
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