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scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Oct 30 13:58:08 CST 2006

They should do a Southpark episode about the preachings of diversity in college
debate versus the reality. ?Token? (a Southpark character) could be the lead
spokesperson. By my count, only four women in elims at Harvard (though congrats
to Emory HH, two are in semis).

College policy debate will continue to become more insular and more "white-male"
dominated because mpj perpetuates a white male war gaming mentality. How so?
Because the top teams get to choose the "best judges," who get a "great judge"
rep. Those "great judges tend to get hired into positions of power where they,
you guessed it, hire or recruit the debaters that they judged and liked. The
intellectual and cultural inbreeding is pretty noxious when you look at it from
the outside. But hey, if you want "elite" debate, I guess that's what you have
to settle for (insert sarcasm for the obtuse).

Yes yes, I know there are a few tokens--I mean--minority debaters out there. But
Doug Dennis is right, for all of the talk about diversity, college policy debate
is one of the most exclusive white male clubs one will find short of the College
John Birch Society.

Scott Elliott

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