[eDebate] Thurgood Marshall Results

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Oct 1 18:00:44 CDT 2006

JV Finals

Richmond HD defeated Towson AJ on a 3-0

Novice Sems

Navy BM defeated Vanderbilt JH on a 3-0
Vanderbilt AW Over Vanderbilt AL on coaches decision

Which Set up a final of
Navy BM against Vanderbilt AW with a panel of Ellis, Skinner and Diggs
and the winner on a .....2-1  is ...... Vanderbilt AW-Diggs Sits out....

Thank you to all who attended, helped out, and took a chance on something
new in an already crowded schedule. We look forward to hosting everybody
again in the near future and are excited about the growth of our project and
others like it in the future.

Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate Project

On 10/1/06, Andy Ellis <andy.edebate at gmail.com> wrote:
> After 4 rounds of debate and a workshop session, we are now in the first
> out round.
> In the JV finals
> Towson AJ is Debating Richmond HD with a panel of Sandoz, Mader,Verney
> In the Novice Break Out Semis
> Navy BM is Debating Vanderbilt JH with a panel of Brooks, Hausreth, Diggs
> Vanderbilt AW  and Vanderbilt AL will be a coaches decision
> We recognized 3 Speakers in JV
> 1.Andrea Adams -Richmond
> 2.Jen Donahue-Richmond
> 3.Adam Jackson-Towson
> We recognized 5 speakers in Novice
> 1. Lee Hoyle-Richmond
> 2.Pete Bose-Navy
> 3. Shanila Ali-Vanderbilt
> 4-Callie Dowdy -Richmond
> 5. Sara Lackner -Vanderbilt
> Ill post more and the thank yous etc soon...
> Andy
> Baltimore College Debate Project
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