[eDebate] richmond update #4

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Wed Oct 11 12:28:00 CDT 2006

hi all,
1. The debater results site for UR registration will be up until later tonight.  We hope to have prefs up fairly early Thursday morning....depends on finalizing entries/judges.
2. The tourney hotel may have a few rooms left if you need them.  
3. Any judge signed up for fewer than 3 rounds is counted as an observer ($45).  If you have a special reason why you can only judge 2 or fewer rounds, let me know and we'll waive that fee.
4. Still tight on judging--especially Monday.  Let us know if you can help.
5. CASE LIST INFORMATION.  You can send case-list information to Ryan Smith at ryan.smith at richmond.edu.  He is busy taking data from previous case lists so that we have a starting point.  We'll send the initial case list out on Friday night (late) to those who have given their information to him.  The general plan for the case list is to post updates Sat. night and Sun. night.  Please send full citations.
Hunter Brooks:  Negative Strategy
Nirav Patel: Research Skills
Daisy Verney: Flowing Techniques and Speaking off the flow
Kirk Evans:  Debating Biopower and Foucault
Mike Davis: Giving winning rebuttals
7. Registration in the Best Western (7007 Broad) in room 215.
I'm sure there will be more to follow.  Have your judges paste their philosophies asap.

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