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Thanks to Kate (tab director extraordinaire), Ken, Mike, Gordie, and the Rochester debaters for an outstanding tournament.  Our group enjoyed both the competition and the hospitality (and check out the hotel rate!).  We were only sorry that the attraction of our football Homecoming game reduced our participation!
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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  Sorry about the late posting - I think I'm just finally recovering.

  Brad Smith Debate Tournament Results - October 14/15/2006.

  Novice Division:

  Top Ten Speakers:
  10. Paul Schaefer, Vermont
  9. Beth Kublin, Cornell
  8. Ross Saxton, Bard
  7. Barbie Hsu, Cornell
  6. Tyler Solloway, Cornell
  5. Ishani Vellodi, Rochester
  4. Mandy Frank, Vermont
  3. Amanda Vissering, Bard
  2. Max Stahl, Bard
  1. Henry Zeng, Cornell

  Bard Saxton/Vissering advanced without debating
  Bard Given/Stahl advanced without debating
  WVU Funk/Pino advanced without debating
  Vermont Frank/Grodin advanced without debating
  Bard Brancely/Fleming defeated Cornell Solloway/Patel (Rubino, Naik, Nelson)
  Cornell Kublin/Min defeated Vermont Kong/Falcey (Merkle, Patrice, *Gunther)
  Vermont Bauman/Rodolfo defeated New School Savain/Zeitlin (McDaniel, *Harrison, Zisman)
  Vermont Goldschneider/Murphy-Hall advanced over Vermont Collins/Schaefer 

  Vermont GM defeated Bard SV (Langone, Sondey, *Scrocca)
  Bard GS defeated Vermont BR (Rubino, Nelson, Stiffney)
  Cornell KM defeated WVU FP (*Montano, Miller, Khan)
  Vermont FG defeated Bard BF (Harrison, Patrice, *McDaniel)

  Vermont GM advanced over Vermont FG
  Cornell KM defeated Bard GS (Johnson, Register, Hines)

  Cornell KM defeated Vermont GM (Khan, Keenan, G. Miller)

  JV Division: We collapsed the JV and Open divisions, but had a breakout final and recognized the top three speakers.

  Top Three Speakers:
  3. Michael Stark, WVU
  2. Candice Williams, Cornell
  1. Julian Letton, Bard

  Army Harpen/Kalin defeated CUNY Gladstone/Pimble

  Open Divison:

  Top Ten Speakers:
  10. Stephanie Hoffman, Cornell
  9. Jacon Mayer, Vermont
  8. Matt Kalin, USMA
  7. Henry Harpen, USMA
  6. Leslie Keller, Vermont
  5. Chris Kozak, Marist
  4. Ashlee Vega, CUNY
  3. Casey Keyes, USMA
  2. Colby Horowitz, USMA
  1. Nicholas Tyler Landsman-Roos, Vermont
  Vermont Mayer/Landsman-Roos advances without debating
  Vermont Keller/Kimerer advances without debating
  CUNY Allen/Messina advances without debating
  USMA Linford/Sullivan advances without debating
  Bard Cornell/Letton advances without debating
  Marist Kozak/Thong defeated CUNY Ortiz/Povazhuk (Thomas, Varghese Webster)
  CUNY BV defeated USMA QW (Boggs, Dorsey, *Lai)
  USMA HoK defeated Cornell Barry Hoffman (Hines, Knops, Keenan)

  Vermont ML defeated USMA HoK (Lai, Varghese, *Keenan)
  Vermont KK defeated CUNY BV (Maritato, Zisman, Webster)
  CUNY AM defeated Marist KT (*Davis, Register, Hines)
  Bard CL defeated USMA LS  (Knops, Thomas, Dorsey)

  Vermont ML defeated Bard CL (Keenan, Webster, *Patrice)
  CUNY AM defeated Vermont KK (*Davis, Varghese, Thomas)

  Vermont ML defeated CUNY AM (* K. Johnson, M. Baxter-Kauf, Thomas)

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