[eDebate] Write no more letters for me!!

Ross K. Smith smithr
Mon Oct 23 16:11:15 CDT 2006

Yes, for those who asked, the policy is ridiculous as applied in this 
instance. For the curious, here is my correspondence (reverse 
chronological order) with the paper (the paper did endorse me last week 
so it is not like they do not want me to win).

My last reply:

I understand. My point was simply that letters from people who have
known me best and for the longest period of time do serve your readers best.

On 10/23/2006 3:53 PM, lvvvv at wsjournal.com wrote:

  > Our first obligation is to our local readers. Right now, we are going
to have a difficult time processing and publishing all the letters sent
from people who live here, read the paper and perhaps even subscribe to
it. I understand your argument, but we simply cannot open the pages to
people from other states at this point. Surely you have some local
supporters who would write -- colleagues, present students, neighbors,
campaign workers.
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  > From: Ross K. Smith [mailto:smithr at wfu.edu]
  > Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 3:47 pm
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  > Subject: Re: letters
  > OK. It does seem unfair that close colleagues with whom I work year
  > after year and whom I see on weekends at debate tournaments cannot
  > testify as to my character and skill.
  > I guess I am handicapped by the fact that the greatest and most
  > significant portion of my work is condcted nationally and by the fact
  > that my former students are spread about the country.
  > I understand that you would not normally want letters from outside the
  > circulation area on questions like Iraq or the economy. These letters,
  > however, are from people with specific knowledge about a local
  > candidate. Is this not a judgment that makes sense?
  > Thanks for your notice and consideration,
  > --Ross

Paper to me:

Hello, We are receiving letters to the editor from out of state in
support of your candidacy. We do not print letters from outside our
circulation area, especially not while we are receiving more letters
from our readers than we can handle. Please don't ask your friends and
associates elsewhere to send letters. Thank you,

Ross K. Smith
Debate Coach
Wake Forest University


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