[eDebate] NDT Committee Business - Fees and NCA Meeting Agenda

Timothy O'Donnell todonnel
Thu Oct 26 16:00:46 CDT 2006


First, a reminder: The first deadline for NDT dues is November 1st.  You may pay your dues at the AFA website or by sending a check directly to Brett O'Donnell (see earlier edebate and ceda-l announcements for further details).  If you have questions about whether or not your dues have been paid, address them to Brett.    

Second, the agenda for the upcoming NDT Committee meeting at NCA in San Antonio is pasted below.  It is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15th from 12:00-3:45 in the Convention Center.

The one action item on the agenda is a motion to reconsider the "worker rule."  If you have contributions or input on this (or any other item) CONTACT your representative.

All the best ,

Tim O'Donnell
NDT Committee Chair

Timothy M. O'Donnell
Director of Debate and Associate Professor of Speech
University of Mary Washington
316 Combs Hall
1301 College Ave.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
todonnel at umw.edu
(540) 654-1252 (office)
(540) 654-1569 (fax)


NDT Committee Meeting Agenda

Convention Center, Room 214C
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
12:00-3:45 p.m.
San Antonio, TX

I. Approval of Minutes from the Northwestern NDT meeting (bring your copy).

II. Chair?s Report ? T. O?Donnell

II. Board of Trustees ? Winkler/B. O?Donnell

III. Tournament Director?s Report ?Fritch

IV. 2007 NDT Host Report ? Bauschard

V. Committee Reports

A. Standing Subcommittee on Tournament Procedures: Edwards, Smith, Bruschke, Stables, Frappier

B. Standing Subommittee on District Bid Allocation: Mancuso and Partlow-Lefevre 

C. Standing Subcommittee on Appeals: Stables, Perkins, Frappier, and Rollins

D. Standing Subcommittee on Judge Philosophy Booklet: Berry, Frappier and Rollins

E. Ad Hoc Committee on Tournament Hosts: Perkins, Deatherage, and Smith

F. Ad Hoc Committee on Equity: Hingstman (Chair), Partlow Lefevre, Stevenson, and Bellon

G. Ad Hoc Committee on Digital Issues: Smith, Perkins

H. Ad Hoc Committee on Media: Deatherage, Perkins

I. Electronic Bid Coordinator: Bruschke

J. Topic Selection Representative: Mancuso

K. Rankings Director: Hanson

L. Scouting Director: Bauschard

IV. New Business:

1.	Discussion of web presence and coordinated communication system for the NDT ? Stables and O?Donnell

2.	Discussion of the future of the tournament booklet - Louden

3.	Discussion of debateresults.com modifications ? Bruschke

4.	Discussion of AFA regional representation ? Stables

5.	Motion to reconsider the worker rule - Frappier

6.	Discussion of the judge preference system ? Smith

7.	Discussion of CSTV and other media coverage of the NDT ? Deatherage

8.	Selection of CEDA Topic Committee Representative

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