[eDebate] Frank Harrison's retirement

pete bsumek bsumekpk
Fri Oct 27 13:00:29 CDT 2006

what neil says is right on!  debate is awesome, and frank is living proof. 

frank, best wishes for a wonderful retirement.

cheers, pete

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>Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 13:57:00 -0400
>From: "NEIL BERCH" <berchnorto at msn.com>  
>Subject: [eDebate] Frank Harrison's retirement  
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>I could not let this pass without comment.  When I entered the debate 
>community as a pressed-into-service, never-debated Director of Debate 
>(nothing like starting at the top!), Frank was one of the first people to 
>greet me and provide me with guidance on how to run a program (and seemed 
>pleased that I was a political scientist, with whom he could exchange 
>political gossip).
>Over the years, as I gained an understanding of the debate community, I came 
>to realize how much Frank and I disagreed on debate politics, debate theory, 
>running a debate program, politics, and the weather forecast.  He never let 
>these disagreements interfere with our friendship.
>I was so impressed with the way that Frank handled himself as President of 
>the American Debate Association.  Through a series of contentious annual 
>meetings (Frank presided over the infamous 10-hour business meeting), Frank 
>never let his very strong views interfere with his desire to be impartial in 
>his role as President.  He was scrupulously fair to those of us who 
>disagreed with him.  His integrity is impeccable.
>I am so pleased that we at WVU awarded the first John Jacobsohn Memorial 
>Award to Frank Harrison (and Dr. Jacobsohn's family was pleased as well).  
>We awarded it to Frank for his commitment to public service, for his 
>dedication to his students and to other people's students, and, most of all, 
>for the example he sets in how he treats everyone he meets.
>I am proud to call Frank Harrison my friend.  I hope that everyone in the 
>debate community will join me in wishing him a long, happy, and healthy 
>retirement.  I hope Frank continues to drop in at the occasional tournament; 
>I know I will missing seeing him on a more regular basis.
>--Neil Berch
>West Virginia University
>>From: "Harrison, Frank" <fharriso at trinity.edu>
>>To: <edebate at ndtceda.com>
>>Subject: [eDebate] (no subject)
>>Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 21:09:15 -0500
>>Dear Colleagues:
>>In September, a bleeding ulcer which had been dormant for twenty years came 
>>back at me with a vengance. I was hospitalized for a week and have been 
>>recuperating at home, on medical leave, since that time. In the interim, it 
>>became clear to me that I would not be well enough to return to work for 
>>the Spring semester. As a result, I have decided to retire from the 
>>University effective December 15th.
>>Under the circumstances, Trinity has determined to suspend the Debate 
>>program for the remainder of the 2006-07 academic year. They will also 
>>initiate a search for a tenure track replacement for me. The objective is 
>>to have that person in place for the beginning of the 2007-08 academic 
>>year. One of the requirements for the position will be that the candidate 
>>have a Ph.D. in Speech or Communication in hand at the time of appointment.
>>Trinity Debate will resume in the Fall of 2007. I am told, however, that it 
>>may (not necessarily will) be in a slightly different form than has been 
>>the case to date. Its exact parameters will be discussed and decided among 
>>our Administration, the Speech side of our Department and the newly 
>>appointed Director.
>>Best wishes,
>>Frank Harrison
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