[eDebate] Harvard -- Octos Judges -- 8am

Martin Harris mharris02
Mon Oct 30 09:29:54 CST 2006

>Did the 16 best teams at Harvard just pref 24 men and no women? Wow. 
>--Neil Berch 
>West Virginia University


I won't make conclusions or arguments about the make up of octos judges
in general, but I am not sure it is fair to say the outround
participants prefed NO women. Round 8 kind of demonstrated to me for the
first time how difficult the MUTUAL thing might be to make. It is
possible, even if not probable, that the outround teams all preferred a
significant number of women, but those prefs weren't mutual. My
understanding is there was a round 8 matching that literally had 1 judge
in the entire pool that could fit as an A-A match. I am just saying, we
should be careful to make inferences off of data. Correlation does not
necessarily suggest causation. 


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