[eDebate] Harvard -- Octos Judges -- 8am

db8coach at cox.net db8coach
Tue Oct 31 12:44:07 CST 2006

The one glaring problem I see with Martin's plan is that there are some of us who are VERY specific about our likes and dislikes on our philosophies so we WON'T be prefed by teams who do the stuff we don't like. I stopped being inclusive a few years ago and it has worked well for me. There are, quite simply, some forms of debate that I don't want to judge. Please don't make me.

And I  don't understand the reason for the heartache. Are there really people who were dissappointed that they didn't get to be up judging the 8 AM debate???  I can understand the desire to be inclusive, but maybe we should ask the people who got the round off if they really want us to insist that they be judging.

As for me, PLEASE feel free to leave me off the judging pool for any and all elims (not that I would be prefed by anyone anyway). I would always prefer to watch a good debate than have to judge it.

Bob Lechtreck
Bakersfield College

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