[eDebate] Colorado College Tournament: policy debate significanceand a word of thanks

Matthew Cook wsu.cook
Tue Oct 31 22:33:32 CST 2006

This has been troubling to me too. The impressive performances of multiple
district III schools this last weekend at Harvard definitely brought a smile
to my face. But this upswing in talent is not reflected at the district
level. When I start making it into final rounds at district tournaments in
open division is when its time to pause and reflect on where our priorities
lie.  This trend makes sense, though. Teams should protect their 1st round
chances by not risking a loss at a regional tournament. They should also
prioritize debating the best teams in the nation for the same reason. The
question then becomes "how to maintain a decentralized tournament priority
system?", or "how does each district at least have a couple tournaments that
the rest of the nation wants to attend?". I'll leave the answers up to the
DOFs, but keep in mind this: 2 weeks before the Pflaum (esu) it was boasting
a pretty impressive amount of teams (mid to upper 30's, i believe). come the
actual tournament, it was reduced to a 30. The same is being said of the
up-coming UCO tournament (i'm still waiting for OU CJ to drop, fellas...);
it has been dwendling in numbers as teams scramble to preserve 1st round
chances or just save money, i guess. and this same story can probably be
played out in any district. I may be observing something not altogether new
to debate; maybe tournaments ALWAYS drop off in numbers days before a
tournament- it would only make sense.

I don't know if we can enforce a shift in priority. Certain tournaments have
a history and prestige that seem insurmountable. I suppose its only a matter
of DOFs taking one for the activity and grudgingly keep local debate

happy halloween

WSU debate

PS- Danny Manning would have probably won KU a Harvard title.
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