[eDebate] 51st Annual George R. R. Pflaum Debate Tournament Invite - Emporia State University

Samuel Maurer chairman.maurer
Mon Sep 4 22:42:50 CDT 2006

The tournament is now open for registration on debateresults.com.

Sam Maurer

On 8/24/06, Samuel Maurer <chairman.maurer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Community,
>  On behalf of Emporia State University, the Department of Communication and
> Theatre, and Hornet Debate, it is my privilege to invite you to the
> 51st Annual George R. R. Pflaum Debate Tournament in Emporia, KS. The
> tournament will be held Oct 21-23, 2006 with Registration at the
> tournament hotel, Holiday Inn Express, on October 20th.
>  We are pleased to be offering 6 rounds of debate in Open, Junior Varsity
> and novice divisions. We know many prefer an 8 round format, however, we
> believe that a 6 round format encourages wellness (and sleep). Final round
> schedule will depend on entries and facilities. We will make every effort
> to keep divisions separate, but again, divisions are entry dependent.
> A final schedule
> will follow closer to the tournament date.
>  We believe we offer a fine slate of competition in the Midwest tradition,
> as well as great hospitality, as some of you who have been here before can
> attest. We will continue that hospitality and then some.
>  We do have one concern and that is hotel space. Emporia has
> become a favorite for regional soccer meets and just such one is happening
> on the chosen weekend, all month actually. Therefore hotel space is at a
> premium. I hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to grab hotel
> rooms early.
>  We do hope you will join us here in October to help celebrate our
> tournament.
> Sincerely,
> Sam Maurer
> Director of Debate
> smaurer at emporia.edu
> (620) 341-5705 office
> (509) 270-1507 cell
> James Taylor
> Assistant Director of Debate
> Dustin Rimmey
> University Activities Coordinator
> Chad Woolard
> Academic Secretary
> TOURNAMENT HOTEL ? The block will be released on October 6th, the
> block is reserved under ESU Debate or group code ESD.
> The Holiday Inn Express - 2921 W 18th Avenue (620) 341-9393 $79.00
> We have made arrangements for a 79.00 rate for this hotel. That includes
> several "suites" with two queens, and sleeper couches for the same
> rate! First come, first served.
> I am told that all rooms have microwaves and refrigerators, and that a pool
> and continental breakfasts are available. Pairings will be put out at this
> hotel.
> NOTE - the good news is a majority of the block is suites, the bad
> news is about 1/4 of the block is Kings. No choice here, it was the
> best of all options, many of the suites can accommodate many bodies.
> OVERFLOW ? Travelodge & Conference Center - 2700 W. 18th Avenue
>          (620) 343-2200.  The block is reserved under ESU Debate.
> We have made arrangements for a 55.00 rate for this hotel.
> The overflow block will only be held officially until October 2nd. After that
> you can probably still get the block rate if rooms are still
> available. Many more doubles
> available.
> Fairfield Inn-- right next door to the tournament hotel. (620) 342-4445
> No overflow block, but sometimes they can work you in.
> Budget Host Inn - 1830 East Highway 50 (620)343-6922 Rate: Cheap, like $40
> or so, call and ask for a corporate discount. This is the cheap hotel.
> Its not officially an overflow hotel, but teams have stayed here in
> the past to save money. Its not pretty, but it's not bad.
> Need more hotels? email and ask.
> TRANSPORTATION: Emporia is located at the major highway junction of I-335
> and I-35. Those of you driving will have little trouble finding the
> University or the hotel, as both are located within two blocks of
> I-35. For those of you flying, the Emporia airport does have shuttle
> service to KCI, but you will find flying into Kansas City
> International Airport the cheapest option. ESU is unable to provide
> shuttle
> service to KCI airport. If you need help with directions of travel, do not
> hesitate to email us.
> GUIDELINES: The Pflaum will abide by all relevant CEDA guidelines on sexual
> harassment and debater eligibility.
> TOPIC: We will use the 2006-07 CEDA/NDT topic.
> TIMES: 9-3-6 with 10 minutes prep
> DIVISIONS: We will offer Novice, Junior Varsity and Open levels of
> competition, eligibility by CEDA guidelines. We reserve the right to collapse
> divisions if entries warrant. We will try to preserve novice as a primary
> concern.
> AWARDS: will be awarded to the top 10 speakers in all divisions that
> warrant, more if the numbers are there, less if not. Suitable awards will
> be given to all out round participants.
> SMOKING: ESU is a minimal smoking campus, smoking is allowed 25ft away
> from buildings, we ask your help in enforcing this policy as well as
> being aware of the mess smoking creates outside of buildings.
> ELIMINATION ROUNDS: Will be held as per the CEDA formula, we anticipate at
> least quarters in all divisions, octos in open.
> ENTRY FEES: $80 per policy team.
> JUDGING GUIDELINES: Each team is expected to provide one qualified judge
> for every two teams entered. One team will equal a half commitment (3
> rounds). Fees for uncovered teams will be $100, of course we would rather
> have your judges than your money. We reserve the right to limit entries
> based on available judges from any school. We do not have any judges
> available locally for hire at this time (except JT who might be spoken for
> already). We encourage you to post to edebate to get folks to come out of
> the woodwork. If you have judges for hire, please let us know ASAP, and we
> will get them hooked up with folks. Each judge is expected to render a
> decision before the start time of the next round, in a timely manner, with
> abide by that rule.
> ENTRIES: We support the Brushke site, and entry ability should be up this
> evening. Deadline for Entries is Wednesday, October 12th, please send them
> in early so we can plan food.
> Get your entries in ASAP.
> Friday, October 20th
> 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Registration, Holiday Inn Express (pairings may be released
> at 10 p.m. or so for 1 and 2)
> Saturday, October 21th
> 8 a.m. Pairing released (Holiday Inn Express, if not Friday)
> 9 a.m. ROUND ONE (Preset)
> 11:30 LUNCH (Lakeview cafeteria)
> 1 p.m. ROUND TWO (Preset)
> 4 p.m. ROUND THREE (Powered)
> Sunday, October 22th
> 8 a.m. Pairings released (Holiday Inn Express)
> 9 a.m. ROUND FOUR (Powered)
> 11:30 LUNCH (Skyline cafeteria)
> 1 p.m. ROUND FIVE (Powered)
> 4 p.m. ROUND SIX (Powered)
> 7 p.m. Partials if necessary
> THAT NIGHT - Hospitality, TBA
> Monday, October 23th
> 7:30 a.m. Pairing released, Holiday Inn Express
> 8:30 a.m. Elim Round I
> 10:30 or ASAP Awards Assembly.
> ASAP - remaining Elim rounds.

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