[eDebate] Volunteering With the DC Urban Debate League 2006-2007

Carlos Varela carlos
Wed Sep 6 16:22:50 CDT 2006

Hello Gracious Volunteers of the DC Urban Debate League!

I write to you today as the school year begins, to solicit your continued
enthusiastic support
that has made the DCUDL successful. Judges offer our debaters one of the
most valuable 
moments of education, at the moment of the comments at the end of a round.
In addition, 
some of you have made our tournaments better by assisting us in legwork, and
through with details that make all the difference at tournaments. We
appreciate the efforts.

In preparation for the upcoming year of tournaments, I am sending you all
the dates that we 
have solidified for our middle and high school divisions. The second
semester of high school
is yet to be finalized.

High School Tournaments

Middle School Tournaments

Also, unfortunately there is one DC Public School mandate that has presented
us with a small 
stumbling block.  It has required all volunteers that come in contact with
their students to 
have a fingerprinting and back round check. This is necessary for anyone who
wants to judge 
at our tournaments. I have arranged for someone from DCPS security to come
to the 
University of the District of Columbia (UDC), on Tuesday, Sept 19 at 6 pm.
UDC is located at 
4200 Connecticut Ave, NW (crossroad is Van Ness St). The metro stop is the
Van Ness Metro 
Station, on the redline.

I understand the extra effort this will require, but it is not our decision,
and appreciate your

Please let me know whether you plan on coming or not so I can coordinate
further details 
with the DCPS security.

If you have further questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact
me via email or 
at 202-341-5083. 

Thank you, 

Carlos Varela
DCUDL Program Director

PS: Sorry if you receive this email twice, and if you have are not a
volunteer judge for the
DCUDL, please let me know so I can remove you from this list.
Carlos Varela
Program Director 
The DC Urban Debate League/Urban Affairs
4200 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

------ End of Forwarded Message

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