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Zompetti at aol.com Zompetti
Fri Sep 8 13:38:41 CDT 2006

Here's a novel idea -- why don't we coach our students to make arguments  
about the quality of their opponent's evidence, including if the evidence comes  
from a peer-reviewed source or not?
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rwgallow at samford.edu writes:

I fully  realize we probably gave up on the idea of evidence being peer
reviewed a  long time ago.  The world of exitmundi.com is probably not
too  concerned about getting published in a peer reviewed journal. 
Therefore,  it is difficult to figure out the appropriate balance for
evidence in our  increasingly technological based research world.  As a
last  consideration, it seems that friendship and contacts may somewhat
unbalance  the playing field, in that it seems those with connections to
the legal  field are more likely to get responses than others.

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