[eDebate] Coaching/Grad School at Wyoming

matt stannard stannardmatt
Sat Sep 9 09:38:48 CDT 2006

We will have an opening for a new graduate assistant coach starting next 
fall.  Although I periodically post formal announcements, I just want to 
remind people that this position is available, that it provides tuition for 
you to complete an MA in two years in Communication Studies (most debate 
assistants choose rhetorical projects in that program, but other options 
like comm science and media studies are also available), and pays you more 
than enough to live on top of that.  We travel to tournaments like GSU, 
Kentucky, Harvard, Wake, Northwestern, etc., and have been in elims at all 
of those tournaments and more during the past few years.

You can email me with questions, or if you want to talk face-to-face, I'll 
be at Emporia, Harvard, and Wake this semester.  You can also talk to Pinto 
or the UW debaters at UNI or GSU.

matt stannard
wyoming speech and debate union

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