[eDebate] UNI tourney PLEASE READ Caselist info

jacob thompson jakethompsondebate
Sat Sep 9 13:05:49 CDT 2006

UNI is committed to turning out a comprehensive caselist with aff and neg 
arguments and citations.

In order to facilitate this process we request the following of the teams 
attending our tournament:

Please either email me (or bring an electronic copy on a USB flashdrive) a 
copy of your 1AC  and core negative positions that you know that you will be 
running.  The information that we require is: argument tags, FULL citations 
(including key words for or a key phrase for electronic ev), and the entire 
plan text... If you have non-electronically accessible evidence please 
include the first few words of the card, the last few words of the card, and 
the page number.  If you have more than one aff, first of all, way to go on 
the pre-season prep, and second, please follow the above instructions for 

Given that this is the first tournament of the year, we understand that 
people may be concerned about "privacy/security" issues, but we guarantee 
that absolutely NO information regarding your aff will be released until 
after that aff is read in a round.  This is merely a time-saving process for 
us.  In the end, we WILL be getting all of your aff information, the only 
question is whether you just give us the stuff before the tournament starts 
or whether we have to bug you about it before, during, and after rounds.

Thanks for your help,


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