[eDebate] N. Illinois hotel and entry info.

woodyardkm at aol.com woodyardkm
Mon Sep 11 08:50:49 CDT 2006

This note is a friendly reminder that the hotel deadlines for the M. Jack Parker Debate Invitational at Northern Illinois University are fast approaching. 
The deadline for the Super8 is this Friday (Sept. 15). Please note that the *correct* number to call for reservations is 815-748-4688. The block at the Best Western Inn & Suites expires next Friday (Sept. 22). Their number is 815-758-8661.
Tournament entry is available at: http://www.debateresults.com.  Please enter teams online as soon as possible or email your entries to kwoodyard at niu.edu. Early entries are greatly appreciated.
Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in DeKalb.
Kerith Woodyard
Northern Illinois University
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