[eDebate] Vanderbilt Tournament

Sandoz, Mary L ML.Sandoz
Tue Sep 12 15:04:57 CDT 2006

The invitation has been delayed because of problems negotiating hotel
blocks and rates.  We have:

1)  The GuestHouse Inn - Phone is 615-329-1000. Code is VUD rate is
$129.95.  Cut-ff is 9/22

2)  The Sheraton will be ready for reservations tomorrow.  Phone is
615-259-2000 Rate is 119, BUT will probably go down to $99 tomorrow (I
have a complaint in w/ the management because they have lost the original

3)  The Internet may provide better rates.  If you have any questions
about a particular property, let me know.  You can email me at
ml.sandoz at vanderbilt.edu

The start time for Friday will be 5:30.

The invite will be posted By Thursday.  If you have any questions in the
meantime, let me know.


Sandoz, Mary L
Vanderbilt University
Email: mary.l.sandoz at Vanderbilt.Edu

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