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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Sun Sep 17 19:11:33 CDT 2006

Results of the 1st Annual Almost Heaven Pre-Season Debates:
First, thanks to:
1.  All who attended;
2.  The WVU debaters and coaches (and Honorary Debater Nathan Duke) who debated, judged, and helped run the tournament;
3.  My delightful colleagues from Towson, Case Western, Richmond, Pitt (yes, even Pitt), John Carroll, and Georgetown.  A special award (the Dallas Perkins Award) was presented to Kenda Cunningham of Georgetown for her work at promoting novice and JV debate at Georgetown.
4.  Last and certainly not least, at the awards ceremony, I forgot to thank our debate alums who donated their judging all weekend:  Becky Evans-Wilson, Doug Squire, and Jeremy Wilson.

1st Place:  Justin Wilhelm and Andrew Wolf, Case Western
2nd Place:  Colin Esgro and David Weston, Pittsburgh
3rd Place:  Max Hantel and Kavitha Subramanian, Georgetown
1st Speaker:  Justin Wilhelm, Case Western
2nd Speaker:  David Weston, Pittsburgh
3rd Speaker:  Andrew Wolf, Case Western

1st Place:  Andrea Adams and Dan English, Richmond
2nd Place:  Sean McClure and Brian Smith, John Carroll
3rd Place:  Andy Labuza and Chris Schroeder, John Carroll
1st Speaker:  Michael Mangus, Pittsburgh
2nd Speaker:  Brian Smith, John Carroll
3rd Speaker:  Chris Schroeder, John Carroll

1st Place:  Andreea Militaru and Lia Voinova, Towson
2nd Place:  Jane Killian and Anthony Miranda, John Carroll
3rd Place:  Sarah Banducci and Tom Marvit, Pittsburgh
1st Speaker:  Andreea Militaru, Towson
2nd Speaker:  Sarah Banducci, Pittsburgh
3rd Speaker:  Jane Killian, John Carroll

Congratulations to all who made their debut this weekend!  We look forward to seeing all of our new friends as we travel in the coming weeks!
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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