[eDebate] IMPORTANT GSU Caselist Reminder

Dr. Joe Bellon debate.gsu
Mon Sep 18 15:08:53 CDT 2006

Please remember that we are asking you to send us an appropriate affirmative
case outline as soon as you possibly can. Send your information to:

gsucaselist at gmail.com

Answers to some frequent questions/concerns:

1) No, we will absolutely NOT reveal your information to anyone before the
end of round 4, so if you send us information now you can rest assured that
your competitors will not get a competitive advantage. We have been doing
this for 7 years and have never had a single problem. We take this very

2) Yes, we can take your info at registration. Alysia Davis is running the
caselist effort this year, and she will have her laptop available to
transfer data from your USB flashdrives.

3) Yes, we really do want info from you even if you don't roll with the
traditional 1AC structure. I think Mike Hester said this best when he once
suggested that what folks really want out of a caselist entry is enough
information to help them reasonably prepare their teams before a debate (I'm
paraphrasing -- Mike made it sound much more persuasive).

4) We realize that many of you are still in the process of writing your 1AC.
We understand. However, we're going to assume that you'll have a 1AC done by
the end of round 2. So, we would appreciate a digital caselist entry from
you by the start of round 4.

5) Yes, we do hand out caselist info sheets for every debate. Theoretically,
we could collect secondary information about your 1AC from those sheets and
then type it into the caselist. Even so, the judge will probably make you
fill that sheet out yourself, so you could save yourself some pain by
sending it in digitally. Digital caselist info is also usually more accurate
than our attempts to translate your handwriting. This means that if your run
a different 1AC in round 5 than you did in rounds 1-4, we'd like digital
information on that 1AC, too.

6) No, there is no official tournament penalty for refusing to cooperate.
However, we will definitely mock you publicly. There is also a risk that
Alysia will show up in your room during round 4 with a rusty knife and a bad
attitude. Don't take that risk. Be a good citizen.

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