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Wed Sep 20 15:53:14 CDT 2006

To the community -

I'm pleased that I can share some good news with everyone.  After 2 years
of planning, lobbying, meetings, and emotional swings I can happily announce
that the Policy Debate Team at the University of Illinois is now an
officially sponsored group on campus.  We are now being funded on a trial
basis by a combination of the Institute of Government and Public
the Campus Honors Program, and the Office of the Provost.  While we're still
not at the point of long-term stability for the program, which is our
ultimate goal, this is still a great step forward for us.  We can now at
least slightly afford to travel to tournaments without having to pay
out of our own pockets, begging for a place to stay, a floor to sleep
on, sharing copies of
evidence, etc.  It's not the lap of luxury, but it will start to get
us through the

I want to be clear that this is in no way my accomplishment, but it is in
fact the accomplishment of the debaters here, in particular the co-founders
of the team, Chime Asonye and Forrest Sumlar, who came to this campus from
the Chicago UDL with a dream of debating for U of I, to create an affordable
opportunity for Chicago area debaters to continue in their activity.  They
have done almost all of the work on their own, from setting up meetings to
writing proposals to lobbying everyone from the university president to
department heads.  I was able to merely use my experience and knowledge of
the college debate circuit as a supplement to their greater ambition.

We want to thank everyone in the college debate community, in particular D5,
for being so helpful, as well as Georgetown and Oklahoma who's
proposals gave us some
direction to make this possible.  Thanks to everyone who wrote
letters in support, who helped with some backfiles to get us off the ground,
and to all the tournament directors who cut us breaks to make it easier to
get to their tournaments last year.  I personally want to thank my friends
from Miami, especially Ben Voth, Steve Mancuso, Sarah Spring, Matt Kern,
Rich Tews, and Lincoln Bisbee for all of their help, as well as Kelly Young,
Katie Lavelle, Jim Hanson, Dave Steinberg, Ilon Lauer, and Jon
Bruschke.  Also the help from Les Lynn and the rest of the CDL was

At Illinois we'd like to thank the IGPA, in particular Dr. Robert Rich,
director, and Scott Koeneman, assistant director, both of whom are former
debaters.  At the Campus Honors Program we'd like to thank Dr. Bruce
Michelson, director, our biggest advocate and the one who really got the
ball rolling.  We'd also like to thank the Provost's Office for adding their

Sorry about the Oscar speech, but we're very excited!  Hopefully our ongoing
discussions (and success this year) will allow a more permanent program to
thrive here at U of I.  We'll keep you posted, and see you at a tournament

-Tim Glass
Coach, Illinois Policy Debate

Policy Debate Team
Sponsored by the Institute of Government and Public Affairs and the Campus
Honors Program
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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