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Sorry for the delay folks, but here's the info, and everything is now
posted on debateresults.com.  It's a great option to squeeze one more
debate in before Thanksgiving, enjoy the fun and friendly northeast
region, spend a night or two in NYC, and give debaters something to do
opposite NCA.

We hope to see you there!
Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894

The 2006 Jacob M. Weigler Gotham Debates at Baruch College:

On behalf of Baruch College, I would like to invite you to the 2006
Jacob M. Weigler Gotham Debates to be held on November 18th and 19th.
As one of the newest NY Coalition programs, Baruch is excited to host
you again in NYC at the "Mid-town" Coalition location and we look
forward to friends near and far attending.  Our goal is to encourage
the growth of debate and the sustainability of programs both new and
old.  We hope our tournament arrangements will help in achieving that
goal as much as possible.

Some tournament highlights:

?	All debates in 1 building ? no needing to brave the November wind!
?	Rookie division offered for late semester starters in novice!
?	Reduced registration fees to offset hotel expenses! Reduced rates for 2 teams!
?	We may not be serving dinner on Saturday, but we guarantee that any
type of food you want will be available close-by when the rounds are
over ? and you can get take-out delivered to the tournament if you
?	We will help accommodate teams that are short coaching/judging staff
due to NCA whenever possible.
?	It is a weekend in NYC after all ? good for recruitment!

The topic will be the 2006-2007 CEDA/NDT "courts" topic:

Resolved: The United States Supreme Court should overrule one or more
of the following decisions: Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833
(1992); Ex parte Quirin, 317 U.S. 1 (1942); U.S. v. Morrison, 529 U.S.
598 (2000); Milliken v. Bradley, 418 U.S. 717 (1974).

Competition and Awards:
The tournament will offer debate in Open, JV, Novice, and a "Rookie"
sub-division if there is sufficient interest.  As the last northeast
regional tournament of the semester, we recognize the difficulty that
new debaters can have beginning late in the season.  To facilitate
their entry into debate, a "Rookie" sub-division will be created in
the pre-set rounds (1, 2) where brand new novice teams at their first
tournament will be able to debate against other rookie teams for their
first two rounds.  We will also recognize the top Rookie Speaker and
the Top Rookie team who are not represented in elimination rounds or
speaker awards of the larger Novice division.  A "Rookie" is defined
as someone in their first tournament; a Rookie team is comprised of
two debaters in their first tournament.  Baruch teams will only
participate to fill out the Rookie division if there is interest in
the community.

Team and speaker awards will be given as appropriate in all divisions.
 The top team in Novice and the top team in JV will receive the
"Jefferson" Awards ? time to move on up to another division, as well
as other designations that amuse with the tournament staff or the

Rounds will be 9-3-6, with 10 minutes of prep.  The first two rounds
will be pre-set.

The tournament schedule will feature six preliminary rounds, five on
Saturday, and one on Sunday morning.  (This is otherwise known as the
Northeast Marathon Schedule.  We are still conducting research on how
this tournament schedule motivates novice debaters to move up as soon
as humanly possible to Open and "National" tournaments with only 4
rounds a day, but we promise it's not as bad as you think.)

There will be an appropriate number of elimination rounds as per CEDA
regulations based primarily on the number of teams entered.  (Elim
numbers may have some variance due to walk-overs, travel plans,
weather forecasts, secret society meetings, rock-paper-scissors, etc.
Coalition bus departure will NOT affect out-rounds.)  Claire McKinney
will be running tab with assistance to be named later.

Registration: Call in entry confirmation to Vik Keenan at 347-683-6894
once you are on the "road" Friday.

Saturday 11/18: 				Sunday 11/19:
7 AM ? Breakfast @ tournament		7:30 AM ? Breakfast
8 AM ? Round 1				8:30 AM ? Round 6
10 AM ? Round 2				11 AM ? 1st Elim
 Lunch to follow				1:30 PM ? lunch and awards
1 PM ? Round 3				 Rest of elims to follow
3:30 ? Round 4
6:30 ? Round 5

Entries: Entries should be submitted via the debateresults.com website
by Wednesday, November 15th.  We need the maximum list by then to
arrange access to the building for everyone with security.  There is
no limit on entries in any division at this time.

If you have an odd debater (as in number, not personality ? because we
can't help you with that), we will gladly accept a hybrid team, or
will assist in finding a partner for someone eager to participate in
debate.  Rookie and Novice debaters will be the priority in this
arrangement.  We encourage varsity debaters to assist in their team's
judging requirements if necessary.

Fees: 	$40/team (We have substantially reduced fees to offset hotel or
travel expenses.)
	$75 for 2 teams!

$75 added for any uncovered team.  (Sorry, no breaks here.)

We are willing to work with new, emerging, or struggling programs to
accommodate your budget restrictions as best we can.

One judge is required for every two teams.	

To accommodate NCA attendance, Novice teams may be covered by Varsity
debaters in the judging pool.  JV and Open teams must be covered by
college graduates or those who have ended their competitive collegiate

Due to NCA, the tournament will have a limited of pool of hired
judges, but we also believe that you will have more debate alumni
options to draw from due to the location.

Many schools have a large number of alumni in the New York City area.
We encourage you to use this tournament as an alumni outreach event if
you choose, and would be willing to help you with arranging a time or
place for alumni to gather with your current team.  Please also let us
know if you would like special recognition for visiting alumni at the
awards ceremony.

Please inform us if you will be having visiting alumni who are NOT in
the judging pool so that we may make security accommodations for them.

Tournament Location:
All debates will occur in the The William and Anita Newman Vertical Campus
of Baruch College, a single building on the corner of Lexington and
East 24th St. (One Bernard Baruch Way or 55 Lexington Avenue for

Parking can be found 1 block away.

The Caveat - The good news:  the tournament is in New York City.  The
bad news:  the tournament in is New York City. Staying in Manhattan is
prohibitively expensive, so we suggest hotels in New Jersey just over
the Lincoln Tunnel at potentially more affordable rates.  We do have a
tournament hotel; this hotel has ample parking, internet access,
fairly nice accommodations, and is probably the closest.  However, it
is far more expensive than what we normally pay, and I recognize that
can be a burden to teams.  This is the major reason we have reduced
the average tournament fee by 50%.  We also encourage you to search
around for the hotel that best suits your team's needs regarding
budget and amenities; we've even provided some suggestions.  There is
no reason you have to be at the tournament hotel, so please make the
arrangements that best suit your team (including the old stand-by of
current and former student hospitality in their hometown).

The Tournament Hotel: Days Inn North Bergen - There are 35
double-double reserved for 1-4 occupancy at $149.00 (plus tax).  This
hotel is almost a straight line to the Lincoln Tunnel, and less than 6
miles from the college (of course, that is 6 miles of New York City
driving, but unlike our debate team, you will probably not be
traveling in it during rush hour).  It does not have breakfast, but
our tournament does.

The hotel information is:
DAYS INN ? North Bergen
2750 Tonnelle Ave/I-495
I-495 & US 1 & 9
North Bergen, NJ 07047 US

Phone: 201-348-3600
Fax:  201-330-8932

The block is reserved under the BARUCH COLLEGE DEBATE TOURNAMENT
(Group Code: BCT/GSCH).  Gina Menta is the Director of Sales, and Irma
in sales also worked with this account if you have problems.

You must reserve rooms by Friday, November 3rd, after which the rooms
will be released.  It is the weekend before Thanksgiving, so space is
tight (and expensive) in the city. It is possible to make arrangements
with the hotel to extend your stay if necessary.

Other hotels:  I know that the hotel rate is expensive compared to
other tournaments, and we appreciate that you may wish to find other
accommodations at a cheaper price.  The following hotels are also
located close to the Lincoln Tunnel and have limited space the weekend
of the tournament. Not have internet access and some of the choices
may not have the best reputation (hence, not the tournament hotel
choice).  I suggest the Howard Johnson North Bergen as your best cheap
bet ? they do not have wireless access, but they are good quality.
Sadly, they don't reserve blocks of rooms.

Palace Hotel (201) 866-0400 ? average rate $120.00
2600 Tonnelle Ave , North Bergen, NJ 07047-2296

Ramada Limited Jersey City (201)-432-6100  ? average rate $120.00
65 Tonnelle Ave, Jersey City, NJ  07306

Super 8 Motel North Bergen ? average rate $80.00-$110.00
2800 Columbia Avenue, 495 East & Lincoln Tunnel Rd, North Bergen, NJ 07047

(!)Howard Johnson North Bergen (800-664-6835) average rate $90.00
1300 Tonnelle Avenue, North Bergen, NJ  07047

**Comfort Suites North Bergen ? average rate $115.00 ? A great deal
usually if you can get it, but had no rooms available on Saturday
night last time I checked.
1200-1218 Tonnelle Avenue, North Bergen, NJ 07047

Many of the above hotels have shuttle service to Times Square/Penn
Station if you were looking for ways to not drive into the city.  I
cannot vouch for the efficiency of those shuttles.  The NJ Transit
buses also service this area and the local PATH train to NYC.

Definitely further (+10 miles), but better value for dollar
Hampton Inn Secaucus Meadowlands (201)867-4400: average rate $90.00
250 Harmon Meadow Blvd, Secaucus, NJ 07094

Red Roof Inn Meadowlands (800)346-8357:  average rte $110.00
15 Meadowlands Rd, Secaucus, NJ

If you don't mind an additional 10 miles or so, the Newark Airport
hotels may also be an option.

If you are planning to stay with friends, family or alumni in the city
to save on expenses, please let us know so that we may incorporate
that into our logistical planning.

General Transportation Issues and FAQ Answers:
NYC has the subway.  It runs 24/7; we're not London or Boston.  You
can always go to MTA.org for directions, but we are happy to answer
questions. (Ask the CUNY debaters from NYC, not the NYU and Columbia
transplants as a general rule though.)

Baruch Subway Stop:  6 Train (green circles) ? 23rd St.

Subway Fare:  $2.00 per ride or you can buy day passes and weekly
passes. (Example: 1 coach and 4 debaters = 5 people x $2/ride = $10.00
for one ride.  Round Trip= $20.00)  If you have some crazy or
interesting social and meal plans for your team on Saturday, I would
suggest this method if you are leaving the Gramercy neighborhood where
you parked the van.  Trust us, driving the 15 passenger van is not fun
in NYC, and Saturday night is not the time to perfect your parallel
parking skills.

Subway Directions between TIMES SQUARE and BARUCH (because someone may
need them):  Take the S (shuttle) train or the 7 train to 42 ST-Grand
Central Station.  Follow signs and transfer to the 6 train going
Downtown.  Take the train to the 23rd Street stop.  Walk East (you
have to cross Park Avenue) on 23rd one block to Lexington, turn left,
walk one block north to 24th St.  Campus is on the right.

Cabs: Fares are by distance, with some surcharges by time of day.  No
charges by person or luggage.  You must pay tolls when coming from
airports in addition to fare, usually 4 bucks.  You hail a cab on the
street, or you call for a car service (Our Taxi & Limousine Commission
believes in the T debate.). You'll be in Manhattan, so hail a taxi.
Look for a yellow cab with the number on top in the center lit up.  If
the numbers are dark it is occupied.  Cabs back to a hotel in NJ may
be steep, but there are Park and Ride options and some hotels have
shuttle service.

Directions to Hotel (Friday):  All of the North Bergen listed hotels,
including the tournament hotel, are easily accessible off of
I-95/Jersey Turnpike.  Newark Airport is about 10 minutes away if you
choose to fly in (Jet Blue flies to Newark from many locations).
There are late night diners and fast food and a few restaurants in the
area for dinner Friday evening.

Driving Directions to Tournament from Lincoln Tunnel:  Follow signs
out of the tunnel for "Downtown".  You can take any ODD avenue south
towards campus (11th, 9th, 7th, 5th), and turn left on 24th street.
Cross Lexington Avenue and park in the garage on the right or curbside
on the left.

Or, take Dyer Ave out of the Tunnel heading south/downtown, turn left
on 34th Street, go across and turn right on Park Avenue.  Take Park
down to E. 24th Street and turn left.  Cross Lexington Avenue and park
in the garage on the right or curbside on the left.

Driving home Sunday:  See the tournament staff for the best way for
you to leave the city.  We promise, we do it a lot.

** Driving Notes in Manhattan:  Streets run east/west, Avenues run
north/south.  Even numbered streets run West to East in Manhattan, odd
numbered run East to West usually.  Lexington Avenue runs South in
this part of the city.  Park Avenue, to the East of Lex, and 3rd
Avenue, to the West of Lex, have two-way traffic running North/South.
5th Avenue is the dividing line between "East" and "West".

We hope this tournament provides another quality competitive
opportunity for your experienced debaters, a unique chance to
encourage new debaters, and a chance for alumni outreach in the debate
community to help build and sustain individual programs and
cross-examination debate as a whole.  We look forward to seeing you at
the Gotham Debates.  If you have any questions please email Vik Keenan
at vikeenan at gmail.com or call 347-683-6894.  We hope to see you in

Best of luck this season.

Vik Keenan
Tournament Coordinator ? Gotham Debates: 2006
Director of Debate ? Baruch College, CUNY
Assoc. Director ? New York Coalition of Colleges
C: 347-683-6894, W: 212-992-9641 (9am-5pm)

vikeenan at gmail.com

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