[eDebate] gsu - important warning

Paul Mabrey III pem6751
Thu Sep 21 22:14:51 CDT 2006

we would like to let all those coming to the downtown atlanta area and more 
specifically, the gsu campus to be aware of the potential violence to you 
and your squad. within the last week or two several students have been 
attacked around the marta station near the underground (where you likely 
will eat lunches). hopefully it is unlikely to happen again but we think it 
is best that you have a heads up and ask that you are more careful when 
traveling around and near campus. a story follows below. any questions or 
calls for help can be directed toward any member of the gsu squad. we take 
pride in our hospitality and wish you a successful, entertaining, and 
enjoyable tournament. thank you.


(WSB Radio)  -- Georgia State University police say they're looking for
up to seven members of a robbing crew that has raised tensions, and
fears, on the downtown Atlanta campus.

Three Georgia State University students have been robbed and one has
been beaten by the gang of suspected thieves who have been prowling the
campus for several weeks.

"Five black males, a black female and a while female," says GSU Deputy
Police Chief Carlton Mullis. "The victims are being assaulted so quickly
that they don't have a chance to get a good description."

The majority of the attacks have happened in or near a construction zone
along Peachtree Street and Broad Street. All the attacks have been from
ambush, and have been carried out quickly.

"Most of them have been sort of blindsided, from behind," Mullis tells
WSB, "either knocking them down or grabbing them in a headlock. Then
they grab the wallet or the purse and leave."

One of the victims suffered a fractured jaw when he was knocked out from
behind and fell, face first, onto the pavement. The robbers then,
apparently, burned the unconscious man's hands with a cigarette.

GSU police are beefing up patrols on campus. They're also telling
students, and faculty members, to walk in groups. All of the victims of
the attacks were alone when they were ambushed.

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