[eDebate] Missing GSU Caselist

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Sat Sep 23 00:08:26 CDT 2006

The following schools have not yet submitted GSU caselist information,  or 
your submission managed to slip under my radar. Please email me a  case outline 
at your very earliest convenience  (ASAP!!!!!!!!) to _gsucaselist at gmail.com_ 
(mailto:gsucaselist at gmail.com) .
ALL Baylor teams
Fullerton MM
Dartmouth AB
Dartmouth CK
Florida State LS
Fort Hays SY
George Mason HJ
Georgetown GH
Harvard AM
Harvard BS
Harvard LP
Kansas BJ
Kansas JL
ALL Kentucky teams
ALL Louisville teams
ALL Mary Washington teams
Miami (Florida) BI
ALL Miami (Ohio) teams
Missouri State BW
Missouri State MM
Missouri State WW
Mt. Sac/Fullerton BK
North Texas CS
Northwestern CF
ALL Oklahoma teams
Pittsburgh EW
Richmond LS
Samford AB
Samford MW
ALL Texas (Austin) teams
Towson HS
ALL Vermont teams
ALL Wake Forest teams
ALL Wyoming teams
Case Western NT
ALL Emory teams (do the varsity outlines apply here too?!?!)
Florida State BK
Kentucky AD
Miami (Florida) HT
Samford AW
Towson BO
Appalachian State IR
Appalachian State LP
Appalachian State MS
Florida SW
Florida State AR
Kentucky AM
ALL Louisville teams
Miami (FL) NO
Oklahoma DZ
ALL Piedmont College teams
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