[eDebate] Wichita Results

Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Mon Sep 25 06:49:36 CDT 2006

Congrats to North Texas, winners in the OPEN division, and to Kansas State,
winners of the JUNIOR division.

Paul Mose, Emporia, was the top speaker in open.  Ryan Coyne, JCCC, was the
top speaker in junior.  Full results are below.






Emporia MN advances without debating.

North Texas EF defeated UMKC French/Johnson, 3-0

Texas Dallas SS defeated KCK Montee/Montee, 3-0

Concordia HM defeated Texas Scott/Whitaker, 2-1




Emporia MN defeated Concorida Heath/Marso, 2-1

North Texas EF defeated Texas Dallas Saati/Schweitzer, 3-0




North Texas Elson/Fairchild defeated Emporia Mose/Naputi, 3-0







JCCC CP advances without debating

Kansas State CL advances without debating

KCK BR defeated Kansas State Birdsong/Wyatt, 2-1

North Texas BZ defeated KCK McKim/Papon, 2-1




North Texas BZ defeated JCCC Coyne/Peters, 2-1

Kansas State CL defeated KCK Bretthauer/Rohan, 3-0




Kansas State Cohen/Layne defeated North Texas Bernal/Zwick, 3-0



NOVICE  (seeds based on prelim record)


First place, Kansas State Cummings/Price

Second place, KCK Beacham/Butler

Third place, Illinois State Millot

Third place, JCCC O'Connor/Taylor







1.  Mose, Emporia

2.  Naputi, Emporia

3.  Schweitzer, Texas Dallas

4.  Fairchild, North Texas

5.  Scott, Texas

6.  Johnson, UMKC

7.  Elson, North Texas

8.  Whitaker, Texas

9.  Thompson, Emporia

10.  Chiles, Concordia




1.  Coyne, JCCC

2.  Rinker, Wichita

3.  Bretthauer, KCKCC

4.  Papon, KCKCC

5.  Thiele, Kansas State

6.  Zwick, North Texas

7.  Sibaai, Wichita

8.  Wyatt, Kansas State

9.  Booth, Texas Dallas

10.  Cohen, Kansas State





1.  Beacham, KCKCC

2.  Cummings, Kansas State

3.  Price, Kansas State

4.  Milot, Illinois State




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