[eDebate] GSU Early Results

Dr. Joe Bellon debate.gsu
Mon Sep 25 11:51:55 CDT 2006

We will put up complete results on debateresults.com soon, of course. In the
meantime, I will provide some early results below. A round-by-round packet
in Open (including the double-octas pairing) is now available for download



Teams Clearing (in bracket order, 1-32):

Emory MP
CSU Fullerton MM
Georgia CR
Wayne MT
Kentucky ST
Wake LP
Dartmouth CO
Oklahoma CJ
Harvard MR
Harvard LP
Michigan FK
Northwestern CS
Missouri State KO
Northwestern BW
Emory HH
Harvard AM
George Washington SW
Harvard DZ
Missourit State MM
Wake GL
Miami MV
Michigan VZ
Kansas BJ
Baylor LT
Emory SS
Wyoming CJ
Oklahoma BS
North Texas CS
Bard SW

Top 20 Speakers in Open (in order, 1-20)

Gabe Murillo
Brenda Montes
Reuben Schy
Luis Magallon
Dan Luxemburg
Brett Wallace
Kathryn Clark
Andrew Jennings
Brent Culpepper
Conor Cleary
Malcolm Gordon
Nikhil Mirchandani
Kevin Rabinowitz
Brett Bricker
Blake Johnson
Obie Lansford
Halli Tripe
Jimi Durkee
Tripp Rebrovick
Kade Olsen
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