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Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Wed Sep 27 11:13:00 CDT 2006

Finally rebounding from GSU - here's a few important notes for the Craig:
1. Please finalize your entries. The previous entry deadline was 4pm today - since this email is going out later than I want, we'll make it midnight tonight and then freeze changes.
2. We'll do advance prefs on the Bruschke site. Those will open sometime Thursday and close at 10am (cst) on Friday. In other words, do them before you leave. We expect to release Round 1-2 pairings at registration, so the only way your prefs can be in effect for those rounds is with early submission. If you don't complete prefs until registration, they won't in effect until Round 3.
3. We do prefs in ALL divisions, but reserve the right to place a struck judge in a round where clearing is not at issue. We've managed to avoid exercising that the last few years by adding to the judging pool, but the possibility does exist. 
4. Case List. We will have one, and we hope it will be extensive. Please help us by advance sending your 1ac tags/cites and tags/cites (including first words/last words for quotes) for major neg arguments to Kelly Winfrey (Winfrey616 at missouristate.edu), who is compiling the case list. We plan to release the first version on Saturday evening, so those opening at our tournament will only be disclosed after they've run arguments. 
5. Wireless access. We have one of the most security concerned campuses for internet access of anyone, but we really like wireless at others' tournaments. We have arrangements to obtain wireless this year, but with several limitations. New Missouri State students often times have to visit a computer lab to their wireless up and working, so please bear with us on the process if it goes poorly. Here are the details:
- They need a MAC address for your wireless card (internal or external). You can locate yours with the instructions on this page: http://networking.missouristate.edu/pub/tools/wireless/MacFaq.asp
- The MAC address must be submitted through us (and billed to us, $5 per address for temporary access). We will cover two per school - if you want every laptop enabled and are willing to cover the additional cost, please notify me. 
- The people who enter the MAC address work only until 2pm on Friday, meaning we can't add new ones at registration. You should send it your MAC addresses as soon as possible. Please send them to Blake Moore moore_blake at hotmail.com, who will take care of getting them to Telecommunications.
- You can confirm whether your MAC address is added on this web site: http://networking.missouristate.edu/pub/Tools/wireless/MacSearch.asp. One reason to submit them ASAP is to allow time to get them added and tested, since late adds are not possible. 
Dr. Eric Morris
Asst Prof of Communication
Director of Forensics
Craig Hall 363A
Missouri State University
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