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Wed Sep 27 17:29:20 CDT 2006

Contention ___: Treaty Power

The Court will use Morrison?s precedent to overturn Missouri v. Holland 
and restrict congressional treaty power

Swaine ?03
	(Edward T., Assistant Prof ? U Pennsylvania, Columbia Law Review, 
April, Lexis)
For some time, the most certain proposition of U.S. foreign relations 
law ? the Court might be inclined to cabin the treaty power. 47

Even perceived constitutional limits on treaty power collapse U.S. 
bargaining power and commitment to international law

Swaine ?03
	(Edward T., Assistant Prof ? U Pennsylvania, Columbia Law Review, 
April, Lexis)
Should any of this come to pass, the new federalism 15 will have placed 
the United States in violation of its treaty obligations, ?treaty power 
may also influence domestic concerns about surrendering autonomy to 
international institutions 24 ?

Treaty power is critical to U.S. soft power and overall leadership

Bohorquez ?05
(Tysha Bohorquez, UCLA, "Soft Power -The Means to Success in World 
Politics" UCLA International Institute 
<http://www.international.ucla.edu/print.asp?parentid=34734> December 1, 
Diplomacy and a nation?s standing in international bodies enable it to 
build ?states are more likely to accept rather than to balance against 
American power when that power is exercised within a framework of 
multilateral rules, however loose that framework might be.

The impact is global nuclear war

Khalilzad ?95
	(Zalmay, RAND Corporation, Losing The Moment? Washington Quarterly, Vol 
18, No 2, p. 84)
U.S. leadership would help preclude the rise of another hostile global 
rival? bipolar or a multipolar balance of power system.

And --- US negotiating power is key to solve global conflicts

Lopez 98 (Bernardo v., Business World, 6/18, lexis)
With the US having less non-proliferation teeth in the India-Pakistan 
dispute, the chance of a localized nuclear war is? peace must have an 
untainted image of a true peacemaker.

These risk extinction

Fai ?01
	(Ghulam Nabi, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council, Washington 
Times, 7-8)
The foreign policy of the United States in South Asia should move 
?witches' brew in Kashmir should propel the United States to assertive 
facilitation or mediation of Kashmir negotiations.

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