[eDebate] Wake's Shirley Hotel Contact

louden louden
Wed Sep 27 18:16:24 CDT 2006

Will post the Shirley Tournament information the web page at wake debate 
site in the reasonable future, but information that you may need in the 
near term.

    Clarion Plaza Hotel & Spa
    3050 University Parkway
    Winston Salem, NC 27105
    336-723-2911, Call for Reservations
    336-714-4578, Fax
    sundanceplaza at yahoo.com

Allan D. Louden, Director of Debate
Wake Forest University
Box 7347, Reynolda Station
Winston-Salem, NC  27109
(336) 758-5408 (Office)
(336) 406-8451 (Cell)
(336) 758-4691 (Fax)

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