[eDebate] Judging at Kentucky

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Thu Sep 28 15:48:17 CDT 2006

Since we are going to be experimenting with using judge ratings (0-100)
rather than the nine categories with quotas for each, I would like to
give folks additional time to complete the rating task.
As a result, I would very much like to have a complete list of judges
by next Monday night.  Fortunately, one of the advantages of the rating
system is that it is not as critical that I know specific round
commitments by the time I post the pref sheet since that information
shouldn't impact your ratings.
Since there are no quotas, I will also be able to deal with changes in
the size of the pool.  So it is better that I have a judge on the sheet
who doesn't end up judging rather than missing a judge from the sheet
who ends up judging (which is still a problem).  So if you can
communicate with JW regarding the whole list of judges can expect at the
tournament it will be GREATLY appreciated.
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