[eDebate] DebateScoop grand opening -- weigh in on Brown vs. DeWine

Ross K. Smith smithr
Sat Sep 30 21:24:08 CDT 2006

Think you have no voice? Want to bring debate "out of round"?

DebateScoop.org goes live this weekend, with wall to wall coverage of 
the Ohio Senate debate on "Meet the Press" this Sunday morning, October 
1st, between Senator Mike DeWine (R) and Representative Sherrod Brown (D).

DebateScoop is a one-stop cyberspace source for electoral political 
debate coverage in the United States and it is the only site in the 
world where expert debate scholars offer critical analysis of candidate 

In the days leading up to the November 7th election, nationally 
recognized debate scholars will bring their insights and judgments to 
bear on political debates in real time on a weblog for the purpose of 
improving public understanding of debate.  Such coverage of political 
debates by debate experts is unprecedented.  Our team of debate experts 
will write substantive commentary before, during, and after key 
political debates and will host live blogs open for public commentary 
before debates.  In addition, leading debate experts will contribute 
analysis regarding what counts as "good debating" as  well as 
commentaries on formats, strategies, negotiations, and post-debate spin.

The OH-Sen debate coverage will be led by Steve Mancuso. Bill Benoit, U. 
of Missouri has provided format coverage.

Just register there and contribute in the live blog thread or write your 
own "diary" assessing the debate or anything about political debates.

DebateScoop is a community-based site, which means that campaigns, the 
media, members of the public, and participants in the blogosphere may 
register and interact with our team of expert debate judges by posting 
comments and diaries related to political debates.

Our aim is, in large measure, to bring the expertise of the debate 
community to bear on the national political discussion. That means you.

DebateScoop is a collaborative effort between Wake Forest University, 
the University of Mary Washington and the Open Source Debate Foundation 
(OSDF) whose mission is to promote debate as a method for producing, 
organizing and assessing knowledge and forging sound decisions on the 
important issues of the day.

To check it out, point your browser to: http://www.debatescoop.org/
Ross K. Smith
Debate Coach
Wake Forest University


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