[eDebate] Blogs, Emails, Guided Questions, and the Question of What is Ev...

Paul Johnson paulj567
Fri Sep 8 17:11:00 CDT 2006

its not all peer reviewed- but if the ev makes the arg
<shrug- anyone remember sweetjesus.com?>

the community seems perfectly willing to cut whatever
some crackpot says on thei geocities site

talking to qualified authors seems good for increasing
our understanding of the topic at hand, and who is
against that? debate is an educational activity

ermo sez "this could cause leading questions abt
well thats good. i mean, the reasons people give in
debate need to be debated. we should determine the
truth of a particular claim. does anyone think that if
we got some expert to call a politics scenario stupid
it wouldnt improve the quality of debates? or if some
strange legal argument was mad and unanswered until
some lawyer was consulted, wouldnt this benefit the

the weird unqualified shit will make it into debates
regardless- author engagement solves the bizarre
unanswered args which tend not to be in peer reviewed

additionally, this just points to a future of open
source debate- all arguments are available and the
pros and cons readily apparent for us to debate about
and determine where not just the truth lies, but we
can best develop the skill to convince folks about the
perceived truths.


--- Zompetti at aol.com wrote:

> Here's a novel idea -- why don't we coach our
> students to make arguments  
> about the quality of their opponent's evidence,
> including if the evidence comes  
> from a peer-reviewed source or not?
> In a message dated 9/8/2006 11:59:30 A.M. Central
> Daylight Time,  
> rwgallow at samford.edu writes:
> I fully  realize we probably gave up on the idea of
> evidence being peer
> reviewed a  long time ago.  The world of
> exitmundi.com is probably not
> too  concerned about getting published in a peer
> reviewed journal. 
> Therefore,  it is difficult to figure out the
> appropriate balance for
> evidence in our  increasingly technological based
> research world.  As a
> last  consideration, it seems that friendship and
> contacts may somewhat
> unbalance  the playing field, in that it seems those
> with connections to
> the legal  field are more likely to get responses
> than others.
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