[eDebate] Ledewitz terrorism link to Morrison

Martin Harris mharris02
Fri Sep 8 19:49:47 CDT 2006

Maybe I am just too lazy to read all the intricate analysis in the
thread, but this question seems to be short circuited by two key
starting points.


1.	Primary research rocks your face off, period. God forbid
students actually learn how to be producers of knowledge instead of just
consumers (*raises sarcasm hand*).
2.	Actions should not be ethically judged on potential for abuse,
but rather ACTUAL abuse. This seems somewhat akin to the computers in
round argument Tejinder Singh made last May "If we don't trust each
other, then we're lost anyway, so who cares about all the rest of this



Can people fab ev? Sure, but I always assume the best in folks until
proven otherwise. 


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