[eDebate] Rethinking the need for caselists.

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Fri Sep 15 16:05:57 CDT 2006

No, Steve, I argued that your list resolutions sucked because they could be
either overly broad or too narrow, depending on how one interprets key terms.
Turns, out I WAS WRONG. I admit it. It turns out that it does not matter if the
resolution is too broad or too narrow--it just SUCKS regardless of how one
interprets the terms "overturn" and "decision." LOL

 Furthermore, the cases I thought were too broad were not voted for anyway (e.g.
Gruder). Hence, you are now stuck with this topic which has: (1) Quirin, which
is pretty much overruled. (2) Then you have with lower school desegregation
case, (yawn; (3) VAWA, Federalism debates (Morrison) (mmmmmm I just love the
smell of Federalism in Brazil='s nuke war on a Saturday morning!) and the (4)
Abortion debate--both ways for the affirmative!  I am sure there are a
multitude of variations on the themes, but that is going to be pretty much it.
Maybe we will get lucky and some teams will act out some performance pieces on
torture or violence against women, a few good poems, or some story/narrative
readings, but I am not sure how a case lists for that stuff will be helpful.



Quoting spmancuso at aol.com:

> Are you the same person who was arguing a couple of months ago that
> this topic would be unmanageably broad?  Now you think it's so narrow
> we don't even need a case list?
> Steve
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>     I support case lists on most topics. I applaud those who work
> extremely hard to
> put together quality lists. But on a topic that virtually mandates only
> four
> affirmative cases, are caselist really necessary?
> Scott
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