[eDebate] Rethinking the need for caselists.

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Fri Sep 15 22:06:14 CDT 2006

I only have two arguments to list:

1. You still have to go aff. If there are indeed only four cases (or 3.5), 
we need good lists *more* than on other topics (Debaters *are* affirmative 
half the time, & if there are really only four plans, the negative has a 
huge range of options. Good caselists give the affirmative a least a hint 
of what they need to prepare for.)

2. This topic is unique: We haven't had a "supreme court...overrule" topic 
for 15 years. We're all learning to research and debate a slightly 
different way. Collaborative community efforts to develop and advance 
arguments and research (like caselists) need to be encouraged as much as 

lacyjp at wfu.edu

At 02:25 PM 9/15/2006, scottelliott at grandecom.net wrote:
>I support case lists on most topics. I applaud those who work extremely 
>hard to
>put together quality lists. But on a topic that virtually mandates only four
>affirmative cases, are caselist really necessary?
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