[eDebate] Ranking Teams for Purpose of Presets

Aaron Kall mardigras23
Wed Sep 20 11:53:42 CDT 2006

i think some people are misunderstanding how the system would work.  if 
there were 120 teams in the tournament and 2 presets, 60 teams would be 
ranked a and 60 teams b.  in the two presets, each team would hit an a and a 
b.  are rankings somewhat arbitrary in nature?- yes.  but, every sport or 
activity that exists uses rankings in some way or another.  i still think 
this is preferable to total randomness, which is what we have now at some 

in the sq, both Harvard's top team and Piedmont's top team have the same 
equal chance to debate the top two teams in the entire tournament during 
Rounds 1 and 2 of a tournament that doesn't rank teams.  my system does not 
call for Harvard's top team to debate two B's and Piedmont's top team to 
debate two A's, but both Harvard and Piedmont to debate one A and one B.  
rankings concerns aside, this seems better than randomness, which benefits 
some, but hurts others.


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