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Fri Sep 22 13:55:57 CDT 2006

Visitors to any downtown area should always exercise caution. However, the
GSU Police Department recently sent out the following message to the
university community concerning the recent robberies. Take it for what it's

Georgia State University Faculty, Staff and Students:

In response to the recent media reports concerning the robberies near
the Georgia State University campus, the Georgia State University Police
Department would like to reassure the campus community that we are
working diligently to resolve the situation.

In the past three weeks, there have been three confirmed reports of
robberies near the Five Points Parking Garage on Peachtree Street, and a
fourth incident which remains unconfirmed. Only one of these incidents
was reported to the Georgia State University Police Department. Contrary
to numerous reports by the Atlanta news media, we have no reason to
believe that the suspects are targeting students or other members of the
university community.

The Georgia State University Police Department has increased its
patrols in the area of the robberies, including using undercover and
uniformed officers in order to saturate the area with police. Also, at
the time we received information about the robberies, following
university policy, we posted notices around the bridge construction near
the Five Points Parking Garage on Peachtree Street, the AYSPS building
and surrounding area, and the RCB building and Broad Street area.

We are committed to apprehending the criminals committing these
robberies and preventing further incidents. We are conducting a joint
investigation with surrounding police agencies, including the Atlanta
Police Department and Marta Police.

As always, each person should be aware of their surroundings, should
try to walk in well lit areas and if possible walk in groups of two or
more. If for any reason you do not feel safe on campus walking to your
car, classroom building or your campus residence, particularly after
dark, we urge you to call the Georgia State University Police Department
at 404-651-2100 for a safety escort and an officer or security guard
will walk or drive you to your destination.  The escort service is
available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Also, if you are interested in receiving daily updates on reported
crimes at Georgia State University, you can subscribe to receive the
safety and health report that is distributed by GroupWise.


Connie B. Sampson
Director of Police Operations
Georgia State University
(404) 651-2120
(404) 651-1273
csampson at gsu.edu

On 9/21/06, Paul Mabrey III <pem6751 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> we would like to let all those coming to the downtown atlanta area and
> more
> specifically, the gsu campus to be aware of the potential violence to you
> and your squad. within the last week or two several students have been
> attacked around the marta station near the underground (where you likely
> will eat lunches). hopefully it is unlikely to happen again but we think
> it
> is best that you have a heads up and ask that you are more careful when
> traveling around and near campus. a story follows below. any questions or
> calls for help can be directed toward any member of the gsu squad. we take
> pride in our hospitality and wish you a successful, entertaining, and
> enjoyable tournament. thank you.
> paul
> (WSB Radio)  -- Georgia State University police say they're looking for
> up to seven members of a robbing crew that has raised tensions, and
> fears, on the downtown Atlanta campus.
> Three Georgia State University students have been robbed and one has
> been beaten by the gang of suspected thieves who have been prowling the
> campus for several weeks.
> "Five black males, a black female and a while female," says GSU Deputy
> Police Chief Carlton Mullis. "The victims are being assaulted so quickly
> that they don't have a chance to get a good description."
> The majority of the attacks have happened in or near a construction zone
> along Peachtree Street and Broad Street. All the attacks have been from
> ambush, and have been carried out quickly.
> "Most of them have been sort of blindsided, from behind," Mullis tells
> WSB, "either knocking them down or grabbing them in a headlock. Then
> they grab the wallet or the purse and leave."
> One of the victims suffered a fractured jaw when he was knocked out from
> behind and fell, face first, onto the pavement. The robbers then,
> apparently, burned the unconscious man's hands with a cigarette.
> GSU police are beefing up patrols on campus. They're also telling
> students, and faculty members, to walk in groups. All of the victims of
> the attacks were alone when they were ambushed.
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