[eDebate] In Appreciation: Josh Schmerge

matt stannard stannardmatt
Sun Apr 1 13:28:03 CDT 2007

As I write this, Wyoming's Josh Schmerge is debating the last round of his college career, against Fullerton, at the NDT.  He is a three-time NDT qualifier and a three-time elimination round participant at CEDA nats, appearing in countless other elimination rounds throughout his career.  He was recently given the "MVP" award on our squad, and anyone who knows him knows why.  He's unlikely to ever publicly promote himself or brag about his competitive or academic accomplishments.  But the team will not be the same without him.
It's difficult to express my appreciation for what Josh has done for our team in the last four years.  It's not just that he completed all of his assignments and helped others constantly.  Josh is just a super-good, super-kind human being.  Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly cynical, I feel like the debate community doesn't really deserve him.  Other times, I just think the community would benefit from many, many more people like him.
This fall, Josh (whose GPA is absolutely stellar) will begin graduate studies in geology at the University of Kansas, where I am sure he will shine academically just as he did at Wyoming.  
Thanks for everything, Schmerge.  
matt stannard
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