[eDebate] Congratulations to Ross and Matt

Joseph Carver carrolltondebate
Mon Apr 2 11:53:00 CDT 2007

I know that alot of people with alot more important things to say are using
this forum but I wanted to congratulate Matt Schissler and Ross Richnderfer
from Whitman as they end their career. First off, these kids are awesome
people  who I love and miss all the time. They played the game the way that
it should be played.Secondly, that a school as small as Whitman can send 3
teams to the NDT is a testimony to , not just these guys , but everyone
associated with that program. Jim, Aaron, Thad, Beth etc .....you are all
incredible. Finally a special shout out to Ross who waited 4 LONG years to
get his shot and made the most of it when he did. Proud to know you.

Joe Carver
Dir of Debate
Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart
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