[eDebate] NDT Scouting Thanks!

Nicole Serrano nicole.serrano
Tue Apr 3 12:13:35 CDT 2007

Hello all,

The scouting people wanted to thank a bunch of y'all for making our job
super easy this weekend.

First, thanks to Wake Forest and especially JP Lacy. The wikispaces made the
scouting operation a breeze. The best part about the wikispaces was that we
were able to continuously put up information for people's uses, and teams
were not stuck waiting until we had compiled the majority of information
into a document.

Secondly, we wanted to thank everyone who donated scouts, but especially the
schools who contributed four or more people to the operation. Everyone who
was available got used almost all the time, so without these schools, we
would have had a labor shortage that could have ruined the entire

Schools who donated four or more scouts were:
U Cal - Berkeley
Univ of Georgia
Harvard Univ
Northwestern Univ
Univ. Southern Cal
Univ Texas-Dallas
Wake Forest

Third, we were asked to pick our best scout. We tried to find the people who
had the highest quality scouting reports, were the speediest at sending in
information, were constantly available and had a positive attitude. We
narrowed it down to our top ten. In no particular order, thank you to our
best scouts ( I apologize in advance for misspellings)
from Liberty Univ - Rachel Hassenpflug and Chase McCool
Kansas Univ - Dylan Quigley
Mich State Univ - Carly Wunderlich and Gus Eyzaguirre
Missouri State - Jessica Johnson, Martin Osborn, and Natalie Pennington
Univ of Pittsburgh - Stephanie Luczajko
Wake Forest - Chris Sedelmeyer

Finally, we wanted to identify our most improved scout who went from amongst
the worst to the best as the prelims went on, from Cal - Berkeley Steven

Congratulations to all the debaters and coaches on a great NDT! Thanks to
the NDT committee, scouts, coaches, and other people who made our job easy
and fun.
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