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bandana martin drmosbornesq
Thu Apr 5 02:42:23 CDT 2007

at the Cal swing this year they really put it to me (after disrespectingly
flipping aff on me and then proceeding to beat me so senseless on the
amendment cp/legitimacy i actually thought it was a good idea to go for the
iran "disad" i gave blake in the 1NR*). i was obv embarassed bc they're from
emory, went to good high schools, BOTH girls and aimi is some weird race
(seriously wtf i can't tell even after meeting her mom and brother after
finals) but i have decided i should still be proud of them with regards to
this year's ndt bc they're hard-working, genuine, honest-to-goodness
debaters and that is re-goddamn-spectable.


*no offense to wake LP
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