[eDebate] Friends, Seniors, Thanks

Brett Wallace brettawallace
Thu Apr 5 15:19:29 CDT 2007

I'm sitting at work kind of thinking about the fact that I'll never get to
debate again, but what I mostly can't get out of my head is all of the
people who have made it such a special experienec. Don't know what the deal
with the DCA's is gonna be this year, so I figured I'd go ahead and say some
thank yous and good byes to all of the people who have had an influence on
my debate career over the last 8 years and also offer some recognition to
some of the other senions who are done with debate. I imagine ill forget
someone, so if I do then I apologize.

Brian Linder - Sorry, you should have gotten this last year, but better late
than never. He wasnt around this year but most people still remember what a
nice guy Brian was, I of course debated with him because I needed somebody
who was not a dick like me. Everybody probably knows Brian is going to be an
awsome doctor and save many peoples lives, but be careful for all of you who
are planning on getting him to do your liver transplant, I think he is just
getting an MD so he can become the House M.D. medical expert consult and
correct all the bad info thats in the tv show. So lay off the bottle
alittle. Seriously though, I know I havent been around that long, but I can
honestly say Brian is the best politics debater I have ever seen. No
contest. Countless debater were won from his 1nr's, its too bad he deprived
all of us of them this year, but he's doing more importan tthings now.

Troy Roth, JR Sterling, Emma Kelly. Ok, none of you were as good at debate
as Brian was. However, you all filled the gaps of tournaments at the times
that he had to keep up his 3.99 GPA and be the lame and responsible human
being that he is and like go to med school and all of that stuff that most
of us normal debaters don't care about. So thank you for working hard and
sorry for all of the times that I didnt go for your 1nr arguments. And keep
studying Troy. I know you can do it. Oh, and Troy only packed shorts for the
Northwestern tournament this feburary. I just thought I'd point that out.

Heather Barnes, Jake Weigler and Steve Damico - these people know what its
like to deal with a underfunded and crumbling debate institution. They also
know what its like to put up with me. They all however sacrificed countless
hours of their time for a thankless job and shitty pay simply because they
enjoyed seing me do well at debate. I really appreciate it.

Paul Strait - this guy actually *litterally* was paid nothing to help us
this year. He cut cards and helped coach at tuornaments even though he
wasn't even officially a coach. Everybody should cut his master's thesis for
some sweet habermas cards, and some rationality good ev. It won me round 8
of the NDT, bc progress and communication = good, i mean come on. And dont
anybody make author indites, because i mean....are *you* in Mensa?

Lindy Simmons - this girl was good at debate, its too bad her career was cut
short. I never beat her in a debate, but I guess thats all the better
becaues when you're hte only girl living with 3 guys, its good to have
something like that to hold over them. Thanks for being coach of the day at
Navy :)

Andrea Reed - If it wasnt for her I probably never would have
debated...because i wouldnt have had anyone to do it with. Shes one of the
most dedicated people in the activity, to the point where in highschool when
we were debating together she still managed to give a 1nc and 1nr even
though she had to leave about 6 times during the debate to go throw up.
Congrats on wake andrea, and you too especially, thanks for putting up with

Joe Pace - someone who was incredibly smart and good at debate, who most
people probably don't remember, but he would have been incredible if he had
debated in college. Joe as a junior in highschool single handedly brought
down Tristan, Klinger and Scotty P in consecutive elimination debates. He is
the reason why I became a good T debater, because i merely copied basically
every one of his arguments and phrases. Also, he was recently published in
the washington post, check it out.

Shawn Powers and Omri Ceren - my unofficial West cost coaches, D7
representitives and party attaches. Thanks for being behind me these last
couple years, for really no reason other than that you're nice. Omri, you
voted against me...lemme think, never. And i think that its awsome that
somebody has to preclude themselves becaues they know they will refuse to
vote against someone. And guys, I have to admit...I was the one that put the
egg in the sink.

GDS - Jim, mike, lux, andy, eli, edmund, zach, james, shezaad, the other
zanulbis, aklagi, willy, berger, the bus driver people, all of your parents,
wyron, all the novices, little lux ect, and basically everyone from your
school. Ya'll are awsome, coaching you/debating against you, hanging out w/
yall, wathcing milkshake drinking contests and listening to we're not gonna
take it is some of the most fun I've had enjoying myself at a debate
tournament. Thanks Jim for watching my last debates, and remember everyone,
you might not ever win the toc but gds will always win the party.

Klinger - I enjoyed watching you debate more than anyone else over the
years. You were rediculously good and Im admired at how incredinbly nice you
are to everyone. Thank you for the doubles win, It wouldnt have happened
without all of the effort you put into working on framework.

Brent and Kevin - it was wierd seing you Brent go from that tall guy from
georgia who just sounded persuasive and would give 2ars on uniqueness
overhwhelms the link or dont vote on potential abuse to you and kevin being
the no holds barred, throw all our shit into the debate spread out the other
team until theyre barried in cards monster of a team yall became. You were
both just plain and simple, sweet at debate. Enjoy having the copeland for
the next year, as ive heard from a past winner, theyre are many things its
fun to have around for.

Conor and Blake - very worth adversaries on the other side of the pong
table, even worthier adversaries on the other side of the bracket. I hope
you're happy that you more than any other team can make fun of me for going
for the stupidest argumetn ever against you. Hope you both stick around to
hang out next year, you're both class acts.

Chestnut, Iftamie, Brenda and Louis - I kidna wnat to throw yall in a ring
and see you have a battle royal for the nicest person in debate this year.
Maggie could be the guest referee. Noah, debating plan columbia and losing
Wheatly on jurisdiction 8 years ago was fun. Iftamie, you're definitly the
best dressed (and most metro, but hey that comes with being best dressed
right?...and you've got a girlfriend, so who cares) in debate now that
dbirch is gone. Although I'd like to see you and Dallas have a male model
contest. Brenda and Louis, sorry your year had to end like it did, I really
enjoyed debating you, and Brenda I'll really enjoyed what you said after our
doubles debate. I admire you sticking to your principals, and winning so
many rounds defending them. You've got an extremly dedicated, but dirty
basketball player, of a debate coach as well, hehe.

Jessica - we're gonna have fun next year. Thanks for always sticking up for
me. You were definitly my kryptonite, and you're welcome one more time for
the first round last year, hehe. I admire your succeess this year, I know
what its like to lose your partner for your senior year, you did much more
brilliant with the situation than I did.

Andy and Gabe - you probably should have been in the nice-person battle
royal, but oh well i forgot. I just gotta say that Cap is good. Its oh so
good. I mean come on...and sandwitches too...oh and that thing that we joked
about with our dragons 1ac, that was good too. Andy, you got SOOO much
better at debate this year, and i admire that. Gabe, you had plenty of time
to get good at debate, :) but you were definitly a sacrafice, totally
freaking, sacrifice, sacrafice, awsome, sacrafice of the sacrafice speaker.
And im glad the sacrafice, first speaker, sacrifice, award went to Worst,
err i mean you.

Aimi and Julie - goes without saying that your NDT showing was impressive.
Its awsome that two women have finally won the NDT, hopefully people
continually saying that doesnt come across to you as people only care bc
you're women, because you definitly deserved it and earned knocking off
everybody on monday. So enjoy the year with the trophy.

Lindsey and Nate - ok you're not seniors, but your NDT was quite good. Nate,
we both know you're a beast, and Lindsey, I hope your aff did some good and
i hope you know im still sorry for embarrasing you or being rude in any way.
Good luck next year.

Andy Ryan - i believe we won a debate at the NDT on the following impact
calculus  - " the devil you know is better than the devil you don't' That
ballot obviously belongs to you. And just wanted you to know that it took me
8 years but i finally agree with you that aspec is a stupid argument, no
spillover is a round winner (atleast for dallas and sherry) , and that agent
Cp's are bad.

Ross, Dallas, Mancuso, Solt, Panetta, Korcok, Tim - I have a much greater
appreciation after reading through JAFA and DRG articles during the last
year of people who have been around in debate for awhile and know how its
evolved and have taken the time and thought to write an article hoping
to alter (or preserve) debate theory.  Im sure you just all flat out wanted
debates to get better and debaters to be smarter. Its shocking how little
most debaters know about the history of debate. Im going to do my best to
make many of your articles required readings for my labs over the summer
though, :)

Bricker and Jennings - our debate was alot of fun, what yall acomplished
this year was rediculous. Im glad my first debate and last debate of the
year were against you, I just wish Brad Scott and Hays were judging the ADI
debate, and the audience watching the octs was judging that debate, hehe.
Make sure to pref me next year. And dont die at the ADI this summer.

Michelle Lancaster - she has tirelesly kept the D7 train going. There is
nobody in debate who bleeds 7 like michelle does, and Im saying this to the
rest of the district- yall better pick up the slack people, because she isnt
going to be able to do this for forever.

Alexis - I think everybody in debate knows, you're the shit. Nobody is more
fun and always in an outgoing, energetic and good mood as you are at debate

James Thomas - from con con to gruppe to the timecube to the post modern
generator, the number of things that youve influence in my debate career is
slightly scary. Although i blame most of that on linder. Thanks for the 29.5

Patton - you didnt stand up and boo when i got speaker awards this
year...what was with that? :)

Brad, PJ, Harrigan, Hays, Clint, Dinger, Pomorski, Jim Lyle, Weiner, Arnett,
Justin Green, Sarah Holbrook, JoePa, Strauss, JT, JoeK, Gonzo, Christy
Webster, Weiner, Sovokol, Dutcher, Mike Hall, Daisey, Tom, and all the other
people that im forgetting who were at the top of our pref sheet (there were
plenty others, but i gotta run to class so if i forgot then im sorry!) I
enjoyed debating in front of all of you and enjoyed debating some of you as
well. Thanks for all the success.

Oh, Jarrod you too, thank you for realizing that we won both those doubles
debates :)

Greg and Frapp, cross apply my ADI post thanks from august. And Frapp can't
wait till the GDI

If i forgot you, then i suck, im sorry. Ill be around assitant coaching next
yea though, so everybody who isnt leaving, see you next year.

Thanks everyone, it was fun.

Brett Wallace
George Washington 07'
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