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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Thu Apr 5 23:16:01 CDT 2007

suppose Andy Ellis played against a bowl of borscht in a game of chess: do you think it would be a draw or would the beet soup win? for everyone else: blaming others is just an excuse and preaching to others is a waste of oxygen and just plain annoying to pretty much everyone except other peacocks.  if you want more students from under-represented communities in college debate then find them and coach them to success.  if you do that already, then drive yourself and your self-righteous sanctimony in your pretentious hybrid to Starbucks and treat yourself to a well-deserved latte. if you don't do it already, a good first step is to quit your activist-poser-professor job and start a debate program at a community college.  in California, for example, 70% of undergraduates are enrolled in the state's community colleges and those colleges educate a much higher proportion of under-served populations than the 4-years do.  that's because community colleges are open enrollment and pretty inexpensive.look, the UDLs work because instead of bemoaning the lack of poor students at Marks, Damien, and Lexington, they set up debate where the poor get educations.  same damn thing applies to you:  keep sitting in that cushy office looking out at your sea of privileged academia,  ragewhining about the injustice of it all or actually go coach debate where the poor go to school.  not gonna do that?  just gonna mouth social justice slogans?  cool.Michael KorcokBakersfield College 
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