[eDebate] hilarity ensues

matt stannard stannardmatt
Fri Apr 6 16:10:14 CDT 2007

"Oh hell, things have been really funny on edebate lately?"
"Funny?  How is that possible?"
"Well, a couple of people have put their feet so far down their throat they will probably get athlete's uvula."
"Who?  Who?"
"Well, for starters, Omri Ceren called out Andy Ellis for being...wait for it... an extremist."
"Omri?  Wait...doesn't that dude advocate retaliatory killings? Hasn't he called the Democratic Party 'structurally anti-semitic?'  Called the 'Democratic base...anti-Jewish?'"  
"Yeah.  Real moderate, eh?  The voice of reason."
"...and I just looked at Omri's ridiculous blog.  Did you know he echoed the Bush administration's condemnation of Nancy Pelosi for visiting Syria, even though a bunch of Republicans also visited Syria around the same time?  Do you think Omri mentioned that fact in his blog?"
"Of course not."
"Right.  I get confused sometimes.  I thought debate was supposed to increase critical thinking skills."
"Yeah, sigh, it does for most people, but apparently not for wannabee IDF soldiers."
"Hahaha, like Omri could ever lift a heavy firearm.  Who else is involved in this hatefest?"
"Mike Korcok, of course."
"Wait...let me think...I kind of remember that guy.  Mullet, right?"
"When he had hair."
"What did he say?"
"This was the best.  He accused Andy of sitting in an 'ivory tower' and ignoring projects like the Urban Debate League."
"Yeah, and people have pointed that out, but my money is on Korcok either (a) not apologizing for his ignorance, (b) making some excuse questioning Andy's authenticity anyway, or (c) both."
"Maybe Korcok and Omri should go join the French Foreign Legion together.  But hey, wait, do I have to agree with Andy's initial remarks in order to laugh at these two douchebags?"
"Of course not.  Andy raised some important issues, and it's reasonable that people will disagree on how to move forward in our community.  The permutation is net beneficial: participate in a dialogue about increasing access in debate AND laugh at reactionary douchebags."
"I'd vote for that!"
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