Nathan Sweed nathan.sweed
Sat Apr 7 03:00:50 CDT 2007

Look, this other challenge isn't getting black people anywhere--and I
LOVE BLACK PEOPLE (deal with it Hoe). But there is something we can
all work together in accomplishing and that's the new challenge to the


And I've got a few good reasons for this.

Reason number one is Ben Warner: Look, Dr. Warner has given me a lot
this last year--smiles, tears, loses. Is he part Asian? I don't know.
But time is up.

Number two is Lindsey Shook: Even her name is past tense. She's out
like Georgia in octas.

Three is BJ: It should be apparent to everyone by now that these two
hate black people.

Fourth is Dylan Quigley: A sweet kid with a dark past.

Fifth is Lindsey Lathrop: I'll withold my remarks for fear of becoming
the impetus for a 1ac.

And this Omri Ceren character--funny as shit. I don't know who he is
but he's got a silly name and a badass attitude (like Paul Montreuil
with a badass attitude). Omri's posts are (for the most part) to the
specifications of my 9th grade MLA handbook--punctuation,
capitalization, syntax, subject-verb agreement all top-notch. This
individual has made the effort to make his comedic timing known--and
that's worth noting and appreciating.*

*not sarcasm**



--Ravenna Wilson***

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