[eDebate] Zombie Che Andy Ellis

James Maritato james.maritato
Sat Apr 7 04:22:33 CDT 2007

Dear Community,

In a recent eDebate post, Andy Ellis claims that he no longer clings
to revolutionary politics. In his explanation, he states, " Nor do i
fashion my self some zombie che guverra leading the revolutionary
masses into the heart of jerry falwells political power..."

Ladies and gentlemen, Andy's rhetoric could not be further from the
truth. Not only is Andy a zombie, styling himself after Che, but he
has also linked up with Seth "Pinto" Ellsworth--one of the most
nefarious of flesh eating underworld demons.

The photographic evidence my operatives have retrieved from the heart
of the Liberty campus is downright damning. See for yourself right


Please shield this image from young children, kittens, and your mom.


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