[eDebate] A plug for the Genetic Engineering Topic

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Apr 9 17:47:37 CDT 2007

I think that proliferation, the NPT and the Middle East are good areas. However,
there are some drawbacks. Primarily, they have been debated, over and over again
ad nauseum. It seems that every debate has at least one proliferation disad or
middle-east disad that has to be debated. Everybody pretty much knows in
advance how these debates are going to go down. There may be a few changes here
and there but they are all going to be some version of "my nuclear war occurs
before your nuclear war."

Genetic engineering and nanotechlogy has not been debated. In fact, no
substantial debate about science and technology has occurred on the college
circuit in almost 20 years. Think about all of the advances in science and
technology, yet no focus on it as a topic in 20 years.

It just seems to me that college policy debate has become stuck in a huge rut of
debating foriegn policy du jour. China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Africa, Russia,
and now back to the Middle East; all with proliferation sub-debates. This focus
on "relations" and "prolif" seems to have created an easy and predictable set of
debates, but I wonder what real learning is occurring.

A science and technology topic is not stale, provides for new areas of research
and new areas of argument.


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