[eDebate] Genetic Engineering is a foriegn Policy debate

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue Apr 10 10:21:32 CDT 2007

Those that have this misperception that the genetic engineering topic area is
merely a "domestic" and "regulatory" topic have either not read the topic paper
or have misread entire sections of it.

Consider the number of treaties involved; the international diplomacy required;
global impacts to cultures; global biodiversity; human and non-human lives that
can be saved or lost; economic, technological and military competitiveness
issues. Aspectsof genetic engineering and nanotechnology are causing rifts
between the U.S. and other countires including the EU nations (genetically
engineered foods), Latin American Countries (they think the U.S. is stealing
their biological treasures). Russia, China and Japan (competitivness on three
different levels in both forms of technology R&D and military applications).
There are even oil production impacts for those willing to do the research.
foreign policy wonk (wank). The question should be which resolution within the
topic area is chosen. The resolutional wordng will determine whether those
foriegn policy aspects will be included for debate.

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