[eDebate] Gentic Engineering topic, response to Glass.

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue Apr 10 13:32:41 CDT 2007

I will defer to you on the technical aspects of gentic engineering. I am sure
you are highly qualified in your field and I am not stupid enough to take
someone on in their area of expertise.

That being said, it is appatrent you have not rad the topic paper. There are a
multitude of policy proposals being debated in both genetic engineering and
nanotechnology. And, what affirmative would write an Aff that they know is
going to get pIC'd apart based on DNA sequencing. There are plenty of cases
that I document in the topic paper that are not based on some hyperspecific
examples as you give.

Examples: Don't allow U.S. Pharmacutcal companies use genetic material from the
Amazon unless they pay the indigienous people for it, ban fifth generation
nuclear weapons development; ban transgenic salmon; force companies producing
nano scale materials to require workers to use masks (lung cancer risks; and a
host of other cases that do not require students to have a M.D. or a an
advanced degree in bioengineering.

Pics are going to happen on any topic chosen. I don't see any qualitative
difference between a PIC on this topic area from a PIC on the proliferation or
Mid-East topic.

I also echo Andy's sentiment that perhaps it is time that people do a little
research beyond Hiedegger and Khalizad cards. You seem to be advocating that
college students are either too stupid to grasp the material or that this area
of inquiry should remain within the realm of the preists of science, hidden in
a little secret room like the Wizard of Oz.

The policymaking aspects of these technology issues are not beyond the grasp of
the average college student, and in fact, is quite fascinating.


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