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Sherry Hall shahall
Wed Apr 11 14:09:53 CDT 2007

Greetings All:

The Board of Trustees met at the NDT in Dallas.  While most of you would find most of what we did boring and mundane, there were a couple of items of business of which everyone should be made aware. 

First, the fee to subscribe to the NDT next year will be $50.00.  You can pay that either through the AFA website, or by sending a check directly to me.  Checks should be made payable to "The National Debate Tournament" and should be sent to my home address: 324 Franklin St, Cambridge, MA 02139.  If you still have some money in this year's budget, you could join the University of North Texas and send your subscription fee in today.

Second, the Board adopted a policy similar to the one that the NDT Committee repealed at their meeting at the Northwestern tournament.  Basically there were conflicting policies between the Board and the Committee regarding how and when to pay the subscription fee.  The new policy can be found in the Standing Rules for the Board of Trustees (http://groups.wfu.edu/NDT/Documents/brdrule.html).  Al Louden will have the updated version available tomorrow.  

It is to everyone's benefit to pay the subscription fee as early as possible.  The money is kept in an account that earns good interest, and it helps to manage our budget process and cash-flow.  If you pay your subscription fee by November 1, 2007, then your fee is $50.00.  If you pay between November 2, 2007 and December 15, 2007, you will owe $100.00.  If you pay between December 16, 2007 and January 15, 2008, you will owe $150.00.  The presumption is that no payments will be accepted after the January 15 cut-off date.  Acceptance of payments after that date requires approval by the Board of Trustees, the NDT Committee, and the District Chair.  Only teams that have subscribed to the NDT may participate in NDT qualification processes -- bid applications, district qualification tournaments, etc.-- and be included in the Rankings Report.  I urge you to subscribe to the NDT even if you do not anticipate that you will have teams competing at the tournament in 2008.

Third, we relaxed the rules on how the NDT tournament entry fees can be paid to allow payment by check.  We agreed to take checks this year on an experimental basis.  So far, so good.  About 1/3 of the schools paid by credit card, 1/3 by check and 1/3 by cash.  No checks have been returned for lack of funds.

Finally, we discussed the possibility of replacing some or all of the watches that are given away as awards.  We currently award seven watches: the top two speakers, the final round participants, and the coach of the winning team.  Former recipients of the watches have indicated that they would rather have had some other type of permanent award.  One drawback with the watches is trying to guess the correct number of male and female watches -- we did have the four female watches that we needed this year, but that was really a stroke of luck.  If you have any opinion on whether or not we should keep the watches for all of these awards or suggestions for something else to replace them with, please email me and let me know.


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